Mick Mulvaney: A solution to the man who was South Carolina’s problem but is now everyone’s problem

The email box of this website filled up today.

It filled up with angry messages addressed to the guy this website was written about. They came from rural school teachers who saw the impossibility of teaching children with empty bellies and people who saw what Meals on Wheels did for hungry elderly veterans whose nation had forgotten them. They came from people all over the country who have contributed to this nation and are heartbroken to see a nation of such compassion and wealth place such great burdens on its most vulnerable.

If you’re reading this and you’re angry too, there is something you can do.

There are 4 special elections this year for seats in the US House of Representatives that were left empty when the members who occupied them left to join the Trump administration.

One of them is in South Carolina’s 5th District, the one Mick Mulvaney represented.

There’s a man running to fill that seat who understands budgets (he spent a career as a tax attorney, working for the government and for Fortune 500 companies) but also understands that giving a hand to people in need makes the future better: his father was an orphan, raised in a group home before a distinguished career in the military.

His name is Archie Parnell. If you’re reading these words because Mick Mulvaney and the policies he champions anger you, go to his website at www.archieparnell.com and make a donation. The special election season is short, and it will take more money than usual to make sure voters get the message. Wherever in the country you are, your contribution can help beat back a crowd of Republicans who want to be a Congressman in Mulvaney’s mold. Show them that we’re better than that. Please.