About Us

My home is in the 5th Congressional District of South Carolina. I’m a small business owner with a family, dogs, and a mortgage. I’ve grown frustrated that the government designed by our Founders, which was built to force people to compromise, has become frozen because of our elected officials inability to get along. Having a little too much free time this summer, I’ve delved into Mick Mulvaney’s record; this website is to share what I’ve found. I don’t work for any candidate or political party, I’m not on anyone’s payroll, and I’ve never lived in Washington DC. While I wasn’t impressed with Rep. Mulvaney’s behavior while representing us, I will admit that I’ve met him and bear no ill will against him. He’s struck me as good humored and personable. It’s a shame that personality hasn’t come out when it’s mattered most.

I want government to do what it’s supposed to do: keep its promises, pay its bills, help those who could use a hand, punish those who take advantage of the system to the detriment of the rest of us. We’re all grown ups here, and I don’t think most of us need to be told what’s right and wrong. Unfortunately, the politicians could perhaps use some help in that department.

Everything I’ve shared here is true and backed up with publicly available records. None of it is rumor, hearsay, or innuendo. I do have some training as a researcher, but anyone with a computer and some free time could find anything I’ve shared here. Any judgements about those records, or errors in interpreting them, are mine alone.