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It seems that Mr. Mulvaney, or at least his staff, has discovered this website. That’s fine, as nothing I say on here is untrue, as they undoubtedly know. While I’ve been contacted by various people who have known Mr. Mulvaney over the years, and offered all manner of rumors, insults, and innuendo, I traffic in facts, I deal with documents, and I report the truth. This is not a gossip site. Should evidence turn up to back one claim or other, I am happy to investigate it and, if it falls under the purview of truth, I’ll put it here.

Their apparent frustration with this site turned up in an unusual way yesterday. First, a company that buys and sells Internet domain names was contacted, and someone attempted to purchase this domain for cash. I declined the rather generous offer. Soon thereafter, a visitor came to the site from a computer operating on the servers of the US House of Representatives, followed by another with the same service provider. This is not the first time the site had been visited from the US House of Representatives, but it is the first time they saw fit to send me a message.


First they ran a search on the site for the word “FRAN,” apparently looking for references to Mr. Mulvaney’s opponent. They will find nothing here, because this site is not about Mr. Mulvaney’s opponent. He has his own site. This site is about Mr. Mulvaney.


Finding no incidences of the word “FRAN,” the visitors from the US House of Representatives next searched for a misspelled word (CORAD), then followed it up with the word they were attempting: COWARD. They followed that almost instantly with another search term: CARPETBAGGER. The message was clear (though sending me an email seems easier).

img_5768 img_5769

I am neither a coward nor a carpetbagger. Nor am I easily intimidated. Mr. Mulvaney’s team will not be able to purchase this website, nor will they silence my voice. This is the way democracies work: honest criticism, discussion of facts, and presentation of evidence. Their efforts at intimidation do not speak well of a man who purports to be a leader. Needless to say, I was of the opinion that his leadership qualities were lacking already.

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